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Sunland Field Services Announced – Friday, July 1, 2011

sfslogoThis past April, an opportunity presented itself to Sunland & Affiliates and with that opportunity, and lots of hard work, the new legal entity Sunland Field Services, Inc., was formed. The new addition to the Sunland & Affiliates’ family of companies will pursue opportunities primarily in the various shale plays, such as the Haynesville, Eagle Ford, and perhaps the Bakken areas, providing pipeline, roustabout, maintenance and smaller facility work for upstream and midstream companies, as well as the operations side of various transmission companies. Sunland Field Services will grow both organically, through startup and through acquisitions, as additional prospects are identified. Our first opportunity begins in the E. Texas/Haynesville Shale area with a startup operation.

Dan Scott will head up Sunland Field Services as Division Manager. Dan previously ran the operations for a pipeline contractor in East Texas. He has over 15 years of experience in the pipeline, facility and maintenance work area. Dan will be reporting to Sean Renfro, Vice President and General Manager of Sunland Construction. Dan has assembled key personnel over the past several weeks with startup operations in the Marshall/Carthage area. Our new location is at 1083 Hills Lake Road in Carthage, Texas.

The East Texas division of Sunland Field Services will be Division 50. We anticipate this division working in Texas, Louisiana, and possibly later in Arkansas and Oklahoma. A key differentiation of this group versus Sunland Construction, Inc., will be a focus on using local labor and pursuing steady, recurring work — allowing competitive pricing with other local contractors. Of course, the focus will be the same, based on our core values and most importantly — safety. There will not be physical boundary lines between Sunland Field Services and Sunland Construction, but rather, boundaries based on type of customer, type of work and the resources available.

Sunland Field Services will pursue maintenance, roustabout, shorter distance/smaller diameter lines and/or smaller facility work.


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